Letting Go and Just Dancing

Dance is emotionally draining. Always. Some times more than others, and some times in the exact way that you need it to be.

Staring at yourself in a mirror from 30 minutes up to half of your day, picking apart everything that needs to be fixed, sometimes noticing improvement or lines and positions that you feel good about. That takes a lot out of person. It can be frustrating and provoke sadness, yet at the same time being able to release and feel and portray all of these emotions at one time is the greatest gift that we have as dancers. We can leave it all on the stage and feel outstanding at the end of the day.

Some days that emotional release is exactly what I need. I just need to get in the studio, with no particular goal in mind and just dance. Be free. Let everything go. It may not fix everything (or really anything), but at least I will feel good for a little while šŸ™‚

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