My First Cooking Adventure!

It’s the first installment of the ‘eats’ portion of this blog at apartment 325! Yay good food!

When I was up in Duluth last fall I had little free time, but the free time I did have I never really had much to occupy it with, therefore aside from spending time outside enjoying the beautiful scenery I would cook or bake on the weekends. So far though, in Bloomington, the concept of ‘free time’ has been pretty nonexistent. (see my last blog post to read more about that…) I haven’t found the time to bake or cook yet, but instead will just throw something together last minute and call it a meal. Yesterday, for example, I went until 8:15pm with only consuming some pretzels and peanut butter and then finally made rice and mixed cheese and spices in it. Is that dinner? I. Don’t. Think. So.

Tonight though, I went above and beyond my norm and cooked an actual meal! (I don’t think I should be this excited about such a thing…) The avocado pasta is now in the fridge for me to enjoy more times throughout the week…yay good food!Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

As always though, it was an adventure. The recipe ( calls for a food processor, and thank goodness my mom bought me a food chopper for my birthday, so close enough, right? The plan: use it in place of the processor to combine the avocado, garlic and basil. The reality: I plugged in the food chopper annd it. didn’t. work. Well now what? I still want this yummy avocado pasta but have no food processor to combine the ingredients 😦 I decided to opt out of using the basil and garlic and used a mixer to mash up the avocado, combine the lemon juice and oil and added my own spices in place of the garlic. It turned out great, with corn and fresh tomatoes on top and I look forward to eating it once again. I made quite the mess of the kitchen, but no mess, no meal!

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