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“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” To this day, especially in times of “disaster,” I remember my mother’s words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers – so many caring people in this world.” -Fred Rogers

When I read about tragedy, war, shootings, bomb threats, racist threats/actions, etc. it makes me really really sad to be living in the society that we do. The fact that so many tragic events are happening each and every day makes me sick.

I remember as a kid there was always one person who would answer: “You come across a genie who grants you three wishes. What do you wish for?” with: “World Peace.”     As a child I never fully understood what that meant. I knew that it meant the world was at peace but not to what extreme our world is currently not in peace. Watching the news makes me depressed. So I don’t. I realize that oftentimes they don’t emphasize the stories with happy endings but instead those that pull at our heart strings, but nonetheless I can do without all of that sorrow in my heart. I just wish everyone could come to an agreement. Why do we need war? Why do we need to fight? It is all some nasty power/land struggle that I feel could be solved if we were to actually do something about it. We blame the government. We blame other countries. Shouldn’t we blame ourselves? There is so much that could be done differently each and every day to make our society more peaceful. Less resistant. And more coexistent. Why haven’t we learned from our past? All of the people who have sacrificed their lives…for what? Do we feel safer at the end of the day? Have we made steps? Well of course… but there are many long strides we have yet to overcome.

I know that I’m just one person. Just one voice. And my opinions don’t really matter in the end, but doesn’t everyone just want to get along? (I realize I sound like a 6 year old who wants peace among my friends.) Will there ever be a day that we don’t need our troops fighting for our freedom in other countries? We don’t need to be scared to get on an airplane? Take a vacation? Visit countries and families and friends overseas? Attend our schools without fear of being attacked? We can just coexist peacefully and not worry about our brothers, mothers, and friends who are still fighting for all of us back home to be able to feel safe from other countries when we barely feel safe within our own.


Rant. Volume 1: Drunken Actions

Snapchat/Instagram/any form of social media on the weekends is exhausting these days…why? Because college students (and sadly many high school students as well) have this belief that if they drink and party and post about it it will make them appear as ‘cool.’ What even is cool and why did this ever become a thing?

I find it so annoying. I have had someone say to me that since “[I] didn’t go to college [I] don’t understand.” and that being in college means that “you’re supposed to drink too much and party on the weekends.”   Um, excuse me? what? NO! Why would you want to ruin your body in so many ways: weight gain, heart damage, liver damage, loss of brain cells. All for a “good time.” This idea that the only way to enjoy one’s self on the weekend is to be drinking is messed up. Although I didn’t go to college I know this to be true. I want to enjoy the company of my friends on the weekend. Stay in. Watch a movie. Go out. Have a good time. Alcohol might be involved but it doesn’t need to be the sole focus of every evening.

Alcohol is a depressant, but I think many people use it as an anti-depressant. Not necessarily because they are depressed but because they are using it to escape one thing or another in their busy lives. Whether it be stress, anxiety in social situations, or any other problem, they can turn to alcohol to relax, have a good time, and maybe build up the courage to interact with people they usually wouldn’t. Although this isn’t always a bad thing, some people use it to the extreme. All they look forward to during the week is the weekend when they can party, drink, and forget their worries. They don’t actually deal with these things during the week, therefore they continue to get worse, but once they’re drunk enough their only worry is where the next drink is coming from. It’s sad really. When did this become the social norm? Why drink to get drunk, feel like crap, and barely be aware of what’s going on around you? In my opinion it is more fun to sit down with a glass of wine, or a mixed drink, surrounded by close friends, and drink to have a good time. Don’t drink to get drunk. I’m not against drinking, I am against drinking for one purpose: to be too drunk to function properly.

When you think about your Saturday/Sunday morning Snapchat and Instagram scroll it’s hard to remember sometimes that not everything on social media is what it seems (a topic that I have come across recently on Facebook.) Your friends will post seemingly perfect pictures with their friends, “funny” videos of them dancing and singing with drinks in hand, or making fun of someone in the room who is more drunk than they are. They glorify the funny, happy, and crazy moments. The social media doesn’t portray the sneaking of alcohol around when one isn’t yet 21. The hours spent deciding which cute outfit will catch the guy’s drunken look from across the room. The stumble back to your room at the end of the night. Or the hangover the next day. You know that day that you’re supposed to spend most of it working on/accomplishing things? Yea it’s a lot harder to do just that when you feel like crap, huh?

My rant is almost over, just remember: social media isn’t private. Why would you want your potential future boss to see pictures of you holding a red solo cup, clearly way past your point of knowing what’s going on around you? They can and do have access to a lot of things you post on the internet and wouldn’t that be the worst thing in the world? Not getting a job just because you were young and being dumb. You can have a good time, you can enjoy the company of your friends, you can even drink every so often…that’s fine, I’m not saying it’s not! It’s just this idea that one must get drunk every day of every weekend and post it all over the internet for all of their friends and family and anyone else who stumbles across it to see and hopefully feel jealous of their ‘cool friend’. That’s where the line is crossed and that’s where I get so beyond annoyed, and feel sorry for the people who ‘live‘ for that.