New Year-Healthier Me

Well, we are officially less than 24 hours away from the ending of 2015 and the beginning of 2016! I surely can not get over how quickly 2015 seemed to pass by. I feel that I did so much, yet didn’t accomplish a whole lot in the grand scheme of things as well. Lots to look back on and be proud of though and realize how much truly did happen in 365 days!

So, let’s be real, how many times have we heard the phrase ‘New Year, New Me‘ followed by a long list of New Years Resolutions that people don’t usually stick to? And how sick of it are we? … Well, if the ‘we‘ is really ‘me‘ than now is my chance to say that I can not handle that phrase. Not. One. Bit. Why would you want to go into a new year and ‘create‘ a  new you? You’ve literally spent the last 365 days working on/developing yourself. You’ve spent 12 months searching and learning all about yourself: Your likes. Your dislikes. Your joys. Your friends. Your lifestyle. Your work ethic. Every aspect of your life has been worked on day in and day out for the past year, and now what? Do you really want to throw that away since it’s the end of one year and the beginning of the next? Or instead, do you maybe want to work on yourself. Hone in on the things that you could do to help make each day happier and healthier. Maybe that does mean changing a couple of things here or there, looking at things a new way, or completely trashing some of your old habits and thought processes, but this isn’t done to create a new you. No! It is done to create a better you. A happier you. A healthier you. Because in the end we want to be our best, our happiest and our healthiest as the years pass by. Or at least I know that that’s what I’m striving for from one year to the next, one day to the next!


With this being said below are my New Year-Healthier Me Resolutions

  • Quit complaining about my job — although every day isn’t great, it pays the bills and complaining won’t get me anywhere. I could quit and get a new job, but if I’m not going to do that then why complain?
  • Drink more water
  • Be a better vegetarian — eat more vegetables (and fruits) and less carbs
  • Find the good in others as well as myself at the end of every day to avoid going to bed sad or angry
  • Stop searching for my one-true-love — instead of looking, just know that in God’s time he will come. It is hard when everyone around me is happily engaged, married, or in a relationship, but know that God knows that either now isn’t a good time, or ‘the one’ isn’t near me. All in God’s time.
  • Stretch my muscles out frequently
  • Run more — I have found that running actually does make me happy and is a great stress release. So why not do it more? It is good for me and if I make good habits now, later in life it will be easier to keep up with and stay in shape
  • Eat out less, cook more
  • Quit letting social media control my life — the number of ‘likes’ my pictures/posts get doesn’t matter. It is whether or not the content of said picture/post is meaningful to me. The number of followers I have on any given form of social media doesn’t matter.
  • Get knowledgeable about the Presidential candidates to make an educated decision come November
  • Continue with a healthy nighttime routine — getting into good habits of tooth care/body care (stretching, vitamin supplement pills, etc.) now will help me go to bed feeling refreshed and healthy
  • Be comfortable in my own skin
  • Find a church — go to said church on a regular basis. Why sleep until noon prior to work when instead I could attend a church service and feel at peace?
  • Work harder than the last day at dance Every. Single. Day
  • Turn off my phone and read more — going to try to get into the habit of reading before bed! (Trisha, you would be proud!)
  • Use the free time I do have to explore, photograph, and enjoy this life opposed to just sleeping during that time
  • Do more. Talk less.
  • Lastly, don’t take any of my relationships with others for granted, because I never know when my life could take yet another turn leading to new circumstances and new relationships


Although this list may seem long to some, each are small things, and not everything needs to be accomplished on/by January 1st. I can ease through things to find a better and healthier schedule for myself leading to a happier lifestyle which is all that I strive for. Audition season is coming up and I want to be my best self as I proceed into that crazy, stressful, all consuming process. One never knows what is next in our lives, so why not go full speed ahead in the direction helping us be the best version of ourselves? That’s my plan for 2016!

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Happy, Healthy, Smiling, Laughing — Farewell 2015!

**On a side note, thank you so much to everyone for reading and supporting my process through starting this blog. My blog has been viewed almost 1,100 times across 20 countries in a mere 8 months with only 14 posts. Thank you and Happy New Year!**