Cooking Adventure: Take 2

I took on another Pinterest recipe in hopes to fulfill my “Eat out less, Cook more” New Year-Healthier Me Resolution: Quinoa Patties (

The recipe is simple. Easily adjustable to your needs, and tastes delicious. Main problem? Not enough spices (aside from salt, there were none in the original recipe), so I thought that they weren’t all too flavorful. Also, it tells you to make way too much quinoa which now I have sitting in my fridge for…what? The frying process took too much time since I went out to the grocery store at about 8:45pm Friday night, so there’s quite the batch of quinoa patty batter in my fridge left to be fried, but in the end it’s probably for the better since reheated quinoa gets quite chewy. I would definitely recommend others to try this though!

(First picture is pre-putting it in the pan to fry…quite the interesting blob, but the end product tastes great!) If you add some ketchup, salt, pepper, and mozzarella cheese onto a soft bun, they are quite perfect! Yumm




I also went to the store and bought a cantaloupe and cut that up as well this weekend. The big bowl of that is in my fridge too, and I really can’t complain!




Aside from the mess I made in the kitchen, a little bit of splattering oil all over, and my new phone freaking out and dying in the middle, nothing went too horribly wrong! The grocery store bill wasn’t insanely high. I didn’t burn myself. I didn’t run out of any ingredients along the way. And surprisingly enough the end product was somewhat presentable. For that I am grateful and will get on cleaning the kitchen ASAP!

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