Kennet Lives On In All Of Us

It is with a heavy heart and tear filled eyes that I write a “tribute” of sorts to the absolutely amazing human being, Kennet Oberly.

Receiving the news of his passing will be a moment that I will remember for quite some time. It felt as though I was hKennet4it by a bus, and the bus just kept on driving off into the distance leaving me alone to suffer… This man was filled with more knowledge, inspiration and love than anyone else I have ever met and made quite the impact on my life. It is so easy to mourn and feel sorry for ourselves in times of loss, but instead I wish to spread a light and acknowledge the great person that he was and address all that he provided for me over the 4 1/2 years that he was a part of my life.

Kennet had a passion for life as well as dance that exploded out of him whenever you were in his presence. He pushed people past their personal limits (whatever those might have been) to just become overall better people day in and day out. This push was very hard for me at first. Often times I felt left behind and looked over in ballet classes with him, but then once I got to the other side (of being a student) I realized the impact he really did have on me. The first time I had him as a ballet teacher I perceived myself as the ‘best of the best’ leading me to complain about the fact that he would focus on other people and not me (selfish, I know). Now though, I have had more ‘real ballet world’ experience and have gained an understanding of where I fall in the ballet world, and especially where I used to be. He saw and acknowledged my brain, “As always you are indispensable…….what will we all do without you next year?……lets get through this year first! {12/18/12} ” day in and day out and at the time I felt he saw more potential for me academically than in the dance world. It was very hard on me at the time, and I unfortunately did a lot of complaining about such things. Now, though, I realize how much of my ballet knowledge comes from him. Which corrections I am giving my students because of him “your eyes and your fingers are married, they can’t lose sight of one another ” Which corrections I am giving myself because of him “hit all of your positions. Always! What positions do you go through to get from ____ to ____? ” And what difficult tasks I can now accomplish because of him “Okay, now everyone watch while Ashley reverses the entire petite allegro combination. and Go! ”  It seems like the little, mundane details at the time, but one always gains new perspective as they learn and grow as an individual and Kennet definitely helped make that possible for me. Kennet1

Through words on paper instead of word of mouth is how I get my feelings out. Kennet was well aware of this and spent hours upon hours responding to emails that I had sent him helping me work through some of the hardest and darkest parts of my life. {The last 24 hours I have spent looking back on these conversations and pulling parts from them helping me realize how amazing of a person he truly was.} As he told me “I will always be of help to you because I believe in you and so appreciate who you are {1/26/13} ” and that he was! He was full of wisdom. Was willing to provide so much of anything to anyone and everyone who needed it. He would stay with me late at night in the studio talking to me, giving me advice and holding me as I cried. He was the very first person for me to use the ‘d-word’ with as I was struggling through my first bouts of depression and promised me that I would be okay in the end. “You need not fit in…….you are perfect without realizing it. You need to have the confidence to create YOUR world.  Listen to others but filter everything through your heart. Begin to value you JUST because you are you.  Sounds silly?  think about it…………..DON’T fall into the trap that your life is only worth the deeds and accomplishments of what you DO……………wrong!!!!!!  Its ALL about who you ARE FIRST……………then you do what you do, what ever your heart desires.  Fulfillment comes by living a life of service to others………………by doing so DOUBLE comes back to you. {1/26/13} ” The main reason he could pass this on was because he was so full of service to others. That was just how he lived his life. Generosity for all.

Kennet left a lasting impact on hundreds, if not thousands of students, dancers, teachers and probably random people on the street knowing him. Now is our chance to pass the same onto the next generation and for them to do the same. This will keep him alive on this Earth, not physically, but spiritually. He holds a special place in so many people’s hearts and that can continue to be poured out through the same love that he showed all of us. He will be looking down smiling as each and every person accomplishes their next hurdle in life and will be cheering us on as we approach the next, and the next.

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Although this is a very hard time we have to focus on his smile, his grace and his beauty that he carried through everything that he did. I so wish that I could hug him one last time. Receive one last forehead kiss that always caused the little ballerinas to giggle. I wish that I could have one more ‘birthday turn combo ‘ during class, or hear one last ‘Ancient Chinese Saying. ‘ Although this is no longer possible I know that he is in a better place physically and his legacy lives on through all of us. He had a beautiful soul and I can only be grateful for the fact that I was blessed enough to be around him for the amount of time that I was.

Mega Hug ” (as he would always say) to his wife, Larissa, his home away from home with the Inglett family, all of the dancers at Allegro, and MDU and each and every person who was so very touched by Kennet Oberly.


These last few words are from him and are oh so relevant during this difficult time:
of course…….it will all be what it will all be….something good always emerges if you look closely enough.  Got to have faith. {2/2/13} ” ❤ ❤ ❤

2 thoughts on “Kennet Lives On In All Of Us

  1. Hello, I found my way here from your community pool post. I just wanted to let you know that you are a beautiful writer, and that I am incredibly sorry for your loss. I am really glad that I was able to stumble upon your post!


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