A Much Needed Getaway

Here I am…11:28pm sitting in an empty row on an airplane (yup! my mom and I both got entire rows to ourselves!) currently flying through turbulence on the way back from Florida. It was a trip to remember, that’s for sure and I am so grateful for the time to be with family and get away from stress, drama and of course work!

My family was in great need for a vacation. My sister just graduated college (woo-hoo Trisha!!!), my parents are celebrating their 25th anniversary and I…well…don’t have a whole lot to celebrate right now, but nonetheless this was necessary! My sister and I had bought my parents tickets to Disney World last Christmas (2014) and we finally got around to using those, as well as 2 more for my sister and I!

We made it to all 4 parks. Found time to relax. Made it on every ride we wanted to (at least once.) And closed the parks down each and every night, ending in quicker lines, firework shows and a little bit of shopping here and there. My favorite park, Magic Kingdom, was where we started and ended the trip. Beautiful views all around!

One big change this trip, from our previous 3, was a new park/room entrance, fastpass+ system and a link to credit cards all on a convenient ‘Magic Band’ that we wore around our wrists the entire week. It made everything run smoother, quicker and there was a smaller chance of losing a small room key/fastpass card. They’re able to be personalized too aside from just the color of the band, I even saw one group of people who drew Disney designs on them their selves! 

We flew into Orlando last Saturday night, coming in right at sunset.

our resort

We then got on board ‘Disney’s Magical Express’ since we were staying on site at a Disney Resort which then transported us to Saratoga Springs. The resort was absolutely beautiful, although it didn’t have much theme to it, it was a nice home away from home for a week.

Sunday was spent at the Magic Kingdom, filled with lots of people, Disney’s Electrical Parade, our first sunburns of the trip, a little bickering, and a lot of fun:

The castle is even prettier at night!

On Monday, we traveled to the Animal Kingdom where we ventured through the Safari, attended my favorite show, “Festival of the Lion King,” rode Mount Everest and became THAT family. You know the one…the family that matches so they don’t lose their little kids. Yup, we were them! Although, we clearly don’t have little kids it was really a treat to join in on the fun that so many families have (lol). My sister designed unique t-shirts for all of us, but then unfortunately due to copyright they couldn’t be printed, so we became the family of the “Original Mouseketeers!”

Tuesday was our first day at Epcot. Epcot is a favorite park with the World Showcase, Test Track and of course the fireworks show “Illuminations.” Another perk of staying onsite is something called ‘Disney Extra Magic Hours’ where only people who are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort get to enjoy the park for two extra hours. We took advantage of this time to ride Test Track again as well as get in some shopping and I made my dad take dance pictures of me too :p

as seen in China

Wednesday brought us back to Magic Kingdom for a whirlwind 15 hour day in the park. Again, we had Extra Magic Hours, but this time it was open for us until 1am! We packed a lot into the day, including finally getting our buttons (Disney provides buttons for those celebrating milestone events. Trisha’s said ‘celebrating Drake U Grad’, my parents both got a ‘Happy 25th Anniversary’ and I decided to celebrate my 21st!), traveling to Disney’s Polynesian resort for lunch by boat, and back to the park on the monorail, we watched the ‘Festival of Fantasy’ parade where Princess Tianna wished my parents ‘Happy Anniversary’ from her float (see, I told you the buttons would be a good touch fam ;p), and my dad was in a play during the ‘Enchanted Tales with Belle’ attraction. We rounded out the evening enjoying dinner in Beast’s castle where we got to celebrate all of our events (again, thanks to the buttons, our waiter knew we were celebrating!) And yes, the grey stuff is delicious just as the song suggests!

as seen inside Beast’s castle

 On Thursday we slept in and relaxed for the first time the entire vacation! My dad and I stayed back at the resort to lay out by the pool, while my sister and mom traveled to Epcot. We met up later to once again enjoy the beautiful park.

as seen in Morocco

as seen in Japan

photopass always does such a good job!


Friday was our final day, starting off at Hollywood Studios and rounding out the trip with our favorite, Magic Kingdom. It was a trip to remember and I am so blessed to be able to enjoy the time and adventures with my family. It was fun to experience it all as an adult, and I know that I look forward to taking my kids someday in the future! It is a magical place filled with love, laughter and a really really really good time!

Now we are all home, have had a night sleeping in our own beds and have a weeks worth of memories behind us. I love my family so very much and feel so fortunate to be able to share such exciting adventures with them time and time again. Can’t wait for the next one! ‘See Ya Real Soon’ -Mickey Mouse ❤

Family selfies for days!!: 🙂

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