Chasing After My Dream!

When your plans are finally coming together so you can just exhale…breathe…and relax a little bit! But only a little bit because the crazy is just around the corner!


This week I was given 3 days off of work. In. A. Row!! Say what?? That literally hasn’t happened over the past 6 months unless I specifically ask for it off. Therefore I went home! I saw my family, some of my nearest and dearest friends and had a great time 🙂

I also had the chance to sit down with my mom and officially make plans for my summer travels! All of my flights are booked.My knee has been given the ‘okay’ to continue dancing and I am on a path to recovery. My housing is in the process of being set in stone…and my application for the San Diego Summer Intensive is being filled….oh wait! There’s a deadline in small print at the bottom. What does it say? ‘Application must be submitted no later than May 31st.’ It is June 8th. Umm. Now what? Freak out a little bit inside: check. Send an email to those in charge praying that there can be an exception:check. Wonder if this is going to end how most things have been ending of recent, in disaster and sadness: check. But lucky for me things turned up! I received an email today stating that I could still attend said intensive on my previously awarded 1/2 scholarship. This intensive is what could and hopefully will lead to my job next fall taking me further along this crazy career path in the dance world!

(not my picture)

Therefore I have officially submitted my final day at Lunds and Byerlys (July 1st! a mere 3 weeks away*). A few days following I will head out to New York City for two and half weeks to train, adventure with my mom and some friends, turn 21 (!!!!) and get back into shape! I will come home for a week and then head out to San Diego. This intensive is 3 full weeks with teachers such as Paloma Herrera (!!) and Jonathan Stafford (!!). I have yet to figure out where I will be staying, but to say that I’m excited is an understatement! Of course there are nerves mixed in there as well but I really am looking forward to an adventurous summer. I haven’t spent a summer away, for dance, since 2011 and it is one that is much needed! It will be hard emotionally and physically but I really do look forward to all that I will learn and the possibilities that could come. If I don’t receive the job at the end of the 3 weeks it will not be a waste. I will have experienced so much this summer and I will have seen so many new things! I’ve never been to NYC or the West Coast so I really do just have a huge smile on my face while I think about it all 🙂 🙂 🙂


*Lunds and Byerlys has been such a great job for me. I have met amazing people among my coworkers and the shoppers inside the store. I have created many friendships and will miss everyone there! Although I am not quite ready to say goodbye, I am ready to see what’s in store for me next!

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