Twenty-Fun ;)

Twenty-fun…amirite?? Okay, now that the stereotypical/cliche is out of the way let’s get down to the good stuff!

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I am in New York City. I am living in an adorable studio apartment in a very cute part of town. I legally just bought my first bottle of wine (and didn’t get carded!). That can only mean 1 thing: I have officially turned 21!!

My 21st birthday was far from cliche, but so beyond perfect. I was surrounded by beautiful people, delicious drinks and I was in the city that never sleeps! What more could I ask for? There was so much love shown to me throughout the day and I can’t begin to thank everyone enough. I woke up in a strange city, went to class in a strange and crowded studio but ended the day sitting out on the patio, drinking my first cocktail, laughing and eating and enjoying the beauty that is everywhere in New York!

21.2Being 21 is weird though. Last night I went to a wine bar with some friends. Tonight I decided to venture out and about, passed a wine & spirits store, so stopped and bought a bottle of wine. Now I am sitting here, writing this, and enjoying a simple glass of my favorite wine without feeling guilty that I’m doing something wrong/illegal. I never drank much previously, but every time I did there was a part of me that knew it was wrong, unhealthy and a little dangerous. Now I have to transition into realizing that it is legal. It is okay to a degree and I can enjoy it!

21Now, about New York! It is amazing!! The hustle and bustle doesn’t compare to anything else I’ve ever experienced. There are so many people, there is so much movement, and there’s so much to see and do! I know that by the end I won’t have even made a dent on visiting/experiencing all of the beautiful parks, buildings and adventures that can be had here..which just means that I have to come back sooner rather than later! I love all of the sights, sunsets, skylines, people watching and classes. Everything is challenging in a brand new way and opening up my eyes to a whole new lifestyle. It is hard to be away from my job, my apartment and some of my friends, but I do have awesome friends here as well and am beyond blessed that I get to see and experience so much!

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I cannot believe that there’s only 1 week left! But then two weeks from now I will be onto a whole new adventure out on the other coast, in San Diego (assuming my registration is ever fully completed…ugh!!)! Auditioning for a job for 3 weeks…and although I am beyond scared I am also very excited and can’t wait for the next step in my life no matter where it takes me! Yay life! Yay adventures! Let’s do this 🙂