Expect the Unexpected

A man’s heart plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps.

Proverbs 16:9

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Of recent when people ask me how I’m doing my response has been: “well, life is absolutely incredible and insane!” because there aren’t more accurate adjectives to describe this past month. Exactly a month ago was when I last posted on this blog. This post was about my unknown future and how I was stressed about life and not having any plans and feeling as though I have failed. Although that stress (or is it different stress now? How is one to know?) has not fully subsided, I do officially have plans for the 2016/2017 dance season and am beginning to settle into them and for that I am grateful.

Back when I lived in Rochester I was constantly seeing the tagline “Expect the Unexpected” all over billboards, radio ads and posted throughout the RCTC (Rochester Community and Technical College) buildings. For years I never fully understood what that meant. It seemed counter intuitive and didn’t make much sense to me. Now I get it. Now it has become how I live my life (whether I want it to be that way or not…). Everything that has occurred over the last few years has been 100% outside of the direction that I had pictured my life heading. Three years ago when I graduated high school I knew that I wanted to heal my various injuries and I wanted to pursue dance, but I didn’t know that it would take me 1200+ miles away from home within 3 years to a job that I knew very little about before signing a contract. This is not what I had expected, but I am taking it as it is and looking onward and upward with excitement for this new adventure!

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road trips. rain. sunsets.

Just two weeks ago I flew home from California and began packing up my apartment in Bloomington. In two days everything I owned in the Twin Cities was boxed up and stuffed in vehicles to haul it back to Rochester. The following day I embarked on a 1,200 mile cross country road trip with my mom and a car filled with about as much stuff as it could hold. By Saturday night we were in town and by Monday I started my new job in South Carolina. Had you asked me two months ago where I would be living this season, my answer would probably have been: there’s a chance San Diego but most likely somewhere in Minnesota.

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Columbia’s sunsets have not disappointed

Now I am on the opposite coast and on the unexpected route. I look forward to a successful season with Columbia Classical Ballet and am excited to perform and learn and grow as a dancer. What will next year bring? I have zero idea! But for now I plan to focus on the present and be in the moment. Get as much out of every day as possible and continue falling in love with the art form that I have chosen to push hard to pursue day in and day out!

Life…it’s crazy each and every day. I get through the challenges reminding myself that God has a plan for me, He is directing me and putting me on the path to lead to a successful future. His plan is much greater than my own, and His timing is something that I cannot fight against, but instead have full trust in. I’m not saying that this is easy, but it is reminders such as these that make this crazy journey called life a little more bearable day in and day out.

twinkle lights are always the best part of my room

In other news, I have found myself an awesome and accommodating roommate. My room is getting more and more settled each and every day. I am still searching for a job and currently broke as can be (eeek!!). It is a little lonely, as it is tough to make friends in a completely new situation, but I know that that will come with time! I miss my friends back home. I miss my family. But I am happy to be able to say that I am chasing my dream and really going for it! I didn’t take the easy way out, but instead am pushing hard to struggle through the bad to get to the good. If anyone wants to become pen pals please message me your address or message me for mine! ❤ Love and blessings to all!