2016 Is Coming to An End

2016. 52 weeks. 366 days. 8,784 hours. Did you use that time wisely?

I know for me it flew by. The days were long but the months sped past so quickly. There were ups…there were lots of downs. People came into my life and people left. I was fired from a job. I left a job. I moved halfway across the country. I applied for 40+ jobs. I started two new jobs. I loved. I said goodbye to influential people. I struggled. I cried. But I made it to the other side of every difficult and trying time. Every year there are challenges, hurdles to overcome, and of course some years bring more than others. At this point, 2016 was definitely one of my harder years (if not the hardest thus far) but I have many more years to come. Many more hurdles to jump over. Each year will bring its low points, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t positives to balance them out!

In 2016 I stayed in my first AirBnB. I flew on a plane alone for the first time…and then proceeded to go on 14 more (plus an additional 2 today!) I took my first über. First taxi. First New York City subway ride. First Greyhound bus. You could definitely say it was a year of travel and adventure! 16 hotels/apartments. 12 airports. 10 states. Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, NYC, California, Iowa, South Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida and home sweet home back in Minne! All places that I stayed at least 1 night in the past 12 months. It has almost been more travel in this year than I’ve done combined over the rest of my 21 years!

Aside from travel and job struggles, this year taught me a lot about friendship. Which of my friends are lifelong vs. which leave when one of us does. When one decides to pack up and move with about 5 days notice, and that move is 1200+ miles away from anyone and everyone they know, it becomes quite the effort to keep in contact with people. Schedules collide. Out of sight out of mind. Reason after reason to say ‘it’s not worth it anymore.’ But then there are those that I do talk to. I text. I receive texts. We FaceTime. We snapchat. We support each other simply through social media. Whatever it may be, it is an effort put in on both sides and that is what makes the friendship real and active. I am blessed with many friends like this in my life, but many have phased out of my life for this reason too. I look forward to the new relationships that the next 12 months will bring, and year to year as they ebb and flow I will continue to be grateful for all those that come in and out of my life. All have helped shape me to be the person I am today. I have felt loved, and loved in return and that love and support gets me from one day to the next, and year after year keeps me going! ❤

Travel. Friends. Work. All lead to Love which leads to happiness! At the end of 2015, beginning of 2016, I made a list about how I wanted to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle for the year. I titled it “New Year – Healthier Me,” and I am proud to say that I actually did stick to most of these goals. Not all were achieved to the fullest extent, but I did put in an effort. I look forward to 2017, which is only 2 weeks away…I am excited for what it has to bring. I have no idea what lies in my future in terms of work, location or relationships, but I do know that I can continue to strive to be healthier and happier each and every day. Eat better. Take care of my body. Love myself. Love my friends. Love my family.

As I get older, the years pass by quicker. The time flies (even when I’m not having fun, ha!). You blink and it’s the end of the week, month or year and all I hope is that I continue to put my best foot forward day after day. No matter what is in my future, to just know that I am trying my best and working my hardest towards whatever goal I have set at that time is enough to bring happiness into my life! Thanks to all that have offered support through hugs, comments on social media, calls and texts. I am grateful for everyone who is in my life and look forward to what this Holiday season and this next year has to bring. I can’t wait to be back in the frozen tundra for a white Christmas! Although the heat down South is nice (it was almost 80 degrees yesterday as opposed to the -21 in Rochester, MN!) it hasn’t really hit me that it’s Christmastime! When I get home though the first blow of wind will hit me hard! But bring on the snow!! Love, hugs and blessings to all!